S Urasawa

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  • S Chiba, T Yokoyama, S Nakata, Y Morita, T Urasawa, K Taniguchi +2 others
  • 1986
To assess serotype specificity of immune resistance to rotavirus gastroenteritis, the relation between pre-existing neutralising antibodies to homotypic and heterotypic rotaviruses and protection against infection or clinical illness was investigated. The subjects were 44 orphans exposed once or twice to consecutive outbreaks of gastroenteritis due to type(More)
Antigenic and genomic properties of non-serotype 6 bovine rotaviruses isolated in Thailand and Japan were studied by cross-neutralization tests, nucleotide sequence determination of the VP7 gene, and RNA-RNA hybridization. Two Thai strains (61A and A44) were serologically related to a Japanese isolate KK3 which has been assigned to serotype 10. In contrast,(More)
  • S Chiba, S Nakata, I Nakamura, K Taniguchi, S Urasawa, K Fujinaga +1 other
  • 1983
Genetic and antigenic characterisation was performed on a strain of adenovirus (EAd) isolated from an outbreak of gastroenteritis which occurred in an orphanage in the City of Sapporo, in the room housing the eldest children, who ranged in age from 14 to 22 months. 7 of the 11 children housed in that room had diarrhoea between July 11 and July 22, 1982. All(More)
Single-cycle terahertz fields generated by coherent transition radiation from a relativistic electron beam are used to study the high field optical response of single crystal GaAs. Large amplitude changes in the sub-band-gap optical absorption are induced and probed dynamically by measuring the absorption of a broad-band optical beam generated by transition(More)
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