S. Uma Mahesh

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— In this paper a novel method for image enhancement using PDTDFB (Pyramidal Dual-Tree Directional Filter Bank) and interpolation has been adopted. Generally, in digital images since the different kinds of noise highly affects various image processing techniques it is always better to perform denoising first. Here, first of all the image is decomposed into(More)
Zinc (Zn) is an essential micronutrient with a crucial function in plant growth and development. The uptake and transport of Zn in plants contributes to Zn homeostasis, which mainly depends on the activity of transporter proteins of the ZIP (ZRT/IRT like Protein) family. Advancement in plant genomics has given useful insight in identifying and understanding(More)
Monte Carlo simulations and probabilistic modeling are employed to understand the strength distribution of a planar bundle of local load-sharing fibers. The fibers are distributed randomly within a unit square according to a Poisson process, and the fiber strengths are Weibull distributed with exponent ρ. Monte Carlo failure simulations of bundles comprised(More)
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