S. Uddin

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The intersection of information technology (IT) and art involves people from different disciplines with varying interests creating a milieu of interdisciplinary collaborations. In this context we explore the intersection of IT and art to understand different entities that are involved in the intersection. We do this by reviewing literature and reflecting(More)
Black-Scholes equation is a well known partial differential equation in financial mathematics. In this article we discuss about some solution methods for the Black Scholes model with the European options (Call and Put) analytically as well as numerically. We study a weighted average method using different weights for numerical approximations. In fact, we(More)
Abstr act Software-dependent artwork is on the increase as software use expands into every part of our lives. Sometimes artists develop this style of artwork by themselves, but more commonly they seek help from technologists creating an opportunity for artists and software developers to collaborate. Here, we present our experience with a real-world(More)
The main focus of the study is to investigate the interdisciplinary domain of art and software engineering for the purpose of understanding the different issues, ideas, and concepts that are worth investigating for software engineering discipline in order to leverage technology to the artists as well as enriching the discipline with the experience gathered(More)
Scientific enterprise represents a pivotal area in knowledge creation and dissemination because of its prolific use of emerging information technologies and its close network of researchers in academe, government, and industry as producers and users of knowledge. Ease of use of mathematical and scientific content on the web can facilitate scientific(More)
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