S.-U. Yoon

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—This paper presents coding schemes for multiple color and depth video using a hierarchical representation. We use the concept of layered depth image (LDI) to represent and process multiview video with depth. After converting those data to the proposed representation, we encode color, depth, and auxiliary data representing the hierarchical structure,(More)
Metabolomics technology, employed in the analysis of low-molecular endogenous metabolites (e.g., by NMR, LC/MS, GC/MS) and with statistical algorithms, has been applied to the development of new drugs, the diagnosis of diseases, and a variety of other fields. In the present research, certain endogenous metabolite candidates with which, by application of(More)
Objective This study was to investigate the changes by body part that occurred in a standing posture for a long time through EMG and Circumference of Leg. In addition, this study was to find out Mat that could minimize the degree of fatigue by body part according to the Elasticity and Hardness of Anti-Fatigue Mat by workplace circumstances.
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