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Simulation tools play a very important role in robot applications, such as in production planning, work-cell layout planning, feasibility study etc. Among the commercially available robot simulation tools, most of them are expensive and need a well-trained person to run the software. When robots are used in mass production, the cycle time for the process or(More)
The method of extracting MOSFET model parameters using optimization offers significant advantages over classical methods of extracting model parameters sequentially. Previous work in this field has concentrated on speed of convergence rather than general applicability. Gradient following methods have been applied to this problem but difficulties arise(More)
A circular voltage-controlled phase shifter (VCPS) is proposed to extend the range of the controlled output phase shift unlimitedly. This is made possible by configuring the system to operate in a circular way, differently from the conventional VCPS whose output phase saturates as the phase control input exceeds some value. The circular VCPS is based on a(More)
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