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Our aim is to give a description of S(R) and M (R), the phase space of universal ambit and the phase space of universal minimal dynamical system for the group of real numbers with the usual topology. A dynamical system is a triple (G, X, π), where G is a topological T 0 group (therefore Tychonoff), X is a compact Hausdorff space and π is a continuous action(More)
This is an experimental and numerical study of dry, frictional powder flows in the quasi-static and intermediate regimes using the simple geometry of the Couette device. We measure normal and shear stresses on the shearing surface and propose a constitutive equation valid in both the slow frictional, quasi-static and the intermediate (dense) collisional(More)
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognized the need to balance patient-centered care with responsible creation of generalizable knowledge on the effectiveness of molecular medicine tools. Embracing the principles of the rapid learning health-care system, a new clinical program called the Precision Oncology Program (POP) was created in New England.(More)
To use the manifold possibilities that arc spraying offers to deposit wear resistance layers, the knowledge of the particle formation and their characteristics are necessary. The work is focused on studying the particle trajectories during arc spraying with cored wires. Different cored wires under various spraying parameters are investigated by means of a(More)
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