S. Tsukamoto

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Fluvial deposits can provide excellent archives of early hominin activity but may be complex to interpret, especially without extensive geochronology. The Stone Age site of Kalambo Falls, northern Zambia, has yielded a rich artefact record from dominantly fluvial deposits, but its significance has been restricted by uncertainties over site formation(More)
In this study we present details of a portable system which contains an X-ray source and heater, designed to irradiate and heat samples within a quartz glass tube for electron spin resonance (ESR) dating. The spatial distribution of the X-ray beam was measured with a radiation sensitive film and the images were scanned and mapped using the Risoescan(More)
Arrays of InAs quantum dots (QDs) have been studied using in situ scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) during their growth by molecular beam epitaxy on GaAs(0 0 1). At a substrate temperature of 400 C under As4 flux, both the QDs and the underlying step-terrace structure of the wetting layer (WL) are found to be static, with neither step-flow nor QD ripening(More)
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