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OBJECTIVE To investigate the value of colonoscopic miniprobe ultrasonography for preoperative staging of colorectal neoplasms. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Endoscopic ultrasonography is the most accurate technique for staging colorectal cancer. However, limitations of this technique include the inability to examine stenotic tumors and the difficulty of(More)
BACKGROUND The value of endorectal ultrasound (EUS) in the diagnosis of recurrent rectal cancer is limited by the inability to differentiate between malignant and benign lesions. We have prospectively investigated the role of EUS with transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy in the postoperative follow-up of rectal cancer. METHODS Since 1995, patients who had(More)
Frequency-domain optical mammography has been advocated to improve contrast and thus cancer detectability in breast transillumination. To the best of our knowledge, this report provides the first systematic clinical results of a frequency-domain laser scanning mammograph (FLM). The instrument provides monochromatic light at 690 and 810 nm, whose intensity(More)
OBJECTIVE Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a sensitive technique for preoperative staging of gastrointestinal tumors. However, the value of this technique in the diagnosis of metastatic or recurrent disease is limited by the inability to differentiate malignant and benign lesions. We have prospectively investigated the role of EUS-guided biopsy in the(More)
Based on the case report of a 51 year-old patient presenting with a lymphoepithelioma like gastric cancer, we discuss the diagnostic challenge to differentiate this entity from gastric non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Since high-level lymphoid stromal reactions are rarely associated with gastric adenocarcinoma, misinterpretation can occur easily. In addition to the(More)
The rarity of Pseudomyxoma peritonei, its complex biology and the remaining inconsistencies in terminology all contribute to rendering therapeutic recommendations a difficult task. In principle, a multimodal concept combining cytoreductive surgery with peri- and postoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy constitutes the preferable treatment. Initially,(More)
Thoracic actinomycosis is a rare disease often mistaken for malignancy. Untreated actinomycosis is associated with high mortality, the disease should, thus, be considered early. We report the case of a 58-year-old male patient who was referred to us for a suspected thoracic sarcoma. He had 6-month a history of hemoptysis, and there was severe deterioration(More)
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