S. Toshkova

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The experiment has been carried out with 20 male Wistar rats with initial age 30 +/- 5 days, equally divided in two groups: controls and motor-loaded rats. The experimental animals ran five days a week on a treadmill covering 60,540 m for 133 training sessions. Afterwards using a multi-chamber semi-automated labyrinth it was found that systematic and dosed(More)
Changes were looked for in the bone marrow of rats, put for a long period of ontogenesis under different degrees of muscular activity. The experiment was carried out on three groups of animals of the same age--those for the purpose of control, those loaded with movements, and those immobilized. The ultrastructural picture of the bone marrow with the rats(More)
White female rats from the Wistar strain were divided into three groups: the first--subjected to heavy motion exercises, the second--used as control, and the third--immobilized. Motion stress was accomplished by use of a tretbahn, while immobilization was effected by the use of a method for physiological immobilization invented by the authors. A(More)