S Tomkiewicz

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From 5,003 files of adopted children, 65 deprived children, defined as abused and/or neglected during infancy, were strictly selected with particular reference to two criteria: (i) They were adopted between 4 and 6 years of age, and (ii) they had an IQ <86 (mean = 77, SD = 6.3) before adoption. The average IQs of adopted children in lower and higher(More)
Failure rates observed (13 +/- 6 percent for school failures, 17 +/- 5 percent for scores below 95 on a collective IQ test) were far below those expected from the social class of birth (55 percent, 51 percent) or observed in a control group (56 +/- 8 percent, 49 +/- 9 percent) but close to those expected from the social class of adoption (15 percent, 15(More)