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Stacking of MOS transistors [1] is used for minimization of standby current in Nano-scale CMOS circuits. Stacking of PMOS is preferred over NMOS because value of active drain current in PMOS is less than NMOS. It results because of mobility of holes in PMOS is less than mobility of electrons in NMOS [2]. In this paper we observed active drain current(More)
Transistor stack [1] is one of technique used to minimize the standby current in Nano-scale CMOS circuits. Experimentally we observed that drain current consumption by stacking of NMOS transistors in active mode is high as compared to single NMOS transistor operating in active mode. This paper describes novel circuit technique for reduction of drain current(More)
In order to achieve the improved blocking performance of wavelength routed WDM networks, wavelength conversion can be implemented at nodes. The paper evaluates the performance of the network in terms of blocking probability with and without wavelength conversion. The analysis and comparison for wavelength conversion and without wavelength conversion has(More)
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