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The relative biomass of autotrophs (vascular plants, macroalgae, microphytobenthos, phytoplankton) in shallow aquatic ecosystems is thought to be controlled by nutrient inputs and underwater irradiance. Widely accepted conceptual models indicate that this is the case both in marine and freshwater systems. In this paper we examine four case studies and test(More)
In this paper an accurate finite element time domain analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation in Electromagnetic Acoustics Transducer (EMAT) is presented. The suggested approach considers the solution "complete" source current density. This model is shown to give more accurate results. A detailed investigation has been performed varying model parameters(More)
Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) is an experimental technique to determine the chemical structure of a sample by analysing modulations within its X-ray absorption spectrum. The technique is commonly undertaken at synchrotron sources. A development to this technique, energy dispersive EXAFS (EDE), allows spectra to be collected extremely(More)
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