S. Thomas George

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The Essure permanent birth control system (Conceptus Inc, San Carlos, CA) is currently the only Food and Drug Administration-approved hysteroscopic sterilization method and has been widely accepted as a safe and effective procedure. We present a rare case of tubal perforation, coil fragmentation, and distal migration into small and large bowel mesentery 8(More)
Neisseria lactamica is a common and normally harmless commensal of the upper respiratory tract found especially in young children. In the July 2006 edition of this journal, Zavascki and colleagues reported the first case of N. lactamica causing cavitatory lung disease in an adult organ transplant recipient (3). The same year, Wang et al. reported a case of(More)
Independent component analysis (ICA) aims at separating a multivariate signal into independent nongaussian signals by optimizing a contrast function with no knowledge on the mixing mechanism. Despite the availability of a constellation of contrast functions, a Hartley-entropy-based ICA contrast endowed with the discriminacy property makes it an appealing(More)
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