S. Thiruvenkadam

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The continuous growth in global population and the ongoing development of countries such as China and India have contributed to a rapid increase in worldwide energy demand. Fossil fuels such as oil and gas are finite resources, and their current rate of consumption cannot be sustained. This, coupled with fossil fuels' role as pollutants and their(More)
Effective optimization of microalgae-to-bioethanol process systems hinges on an in-depth characterization of key process parameters relevant to the overall bioprocess engineering. One of the such important variables is the biomass particle size distribution and the effects on saccharification levels and bioethanol titres. This study examined the effects of(More)
Thin films of CuSbS2, a potential candidate for absorber layer in thin film solar cells, were successfully deposited on soda lime glass substrates by using spray pyrolysis and the effect of variation of antimony concentration on the structural, morphological and optical properties were investigated. An aqueous solution of precursor containing cupric(More)
Subcritical water extraction (SWE) technology has been used for the extraction of active compounds from different biomass materials with low process cost, mild operating conditions, short process times, and environmental sustainability. With the limited application of the technology to microalgal biomass, this work investigates parametrically the potential(More)
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