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In many manufacturing systems, jobs that are completed early are held as finished-goods inventory until their due-dates, and hence we incur earliness costs. Similarly, jobs that are completed after their due-dates incur penalty. The objective in such situations would, therefore, be to meet the due-dates of the respective jobs as closely as possible, and(More)
A flowline-based manufacturing system is a manufacturing environment where machines are arranged in accordance with the order of processing of jobs, with all jobs having an identical and unidirectional flow pattern through the machines; however, some or all jobs may have missing operations on some machines. In several practical situations the setup times of(More)
In this paper, we consider a finite capacity single server queueing model with two buffers, A and B, of sizes K and N respectively. Messages arrive one at a time according to a Markovian arrival process. Messages that arrive at buffer A are of a different type from the messages that arrive at buffer B. Messages are processed according to the following(More)
Heart rate measurement plays a major role in diagnosis of heart diseases. There are many existing contact based methods which are in practice. These methods tend to be more expensive and unreachable in emergency scenarios. This paper introduces a novel non-contact method called HiBeat. HiBeat calculates heart rate using facial video of the subject. Proposed(More)
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