S. Thangavel

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The existence of multiple subtypes of HIV-1 worldwide has created new challenges to control HIV-1 infection and associated neuropathogenesis. Previous studies indicate a difference in neuropathogenic manifestations of HIV-1-associated neuroAIDS between clade B- and clade C-infected subjects with clade B being more neuropathogenic than clade C. However, the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have implicated histone deacetylases (HDACs) and HDAC inhibitors (HDIs) such as trichostatin A (TSA) in the regulation of gene expression during drug addiction. Furthermore, an increase in HDAC activity has been linked to neurodegeneration. Alcohol has also been shown to promote abundant generation of reactive oxygen species(More)
This paper presents a photovoltaic (PV) array fed three-phase three-wire dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) for voltage regulation in a low voltage (LV) distribution system. Besides the voltage regulation, the proposed DVR reduces the energy consumption from three-phase utility grid by utilizing the rated inverter capability after excessive or equal real power(More)
This paper presents a new power conditioner topology that integrates multiple renewable energy sources to make best use of their operating characteristics and obtain better reliability than that could be obtained by single power source. The proposed power conditioner uses three sources, one storage device and isolated load outputs. The proposed(More)
The recent high penetration of stationary renewable energy sources yielding DC output coupled with the increased interest in storage systems, electronic loads, machine drives and other components operating with DC input, require the development of new techniques for control and link integration. Faults in power distribution systems have high impact on(More)
A continuous and reliable electrical energy supply is the objective of any power system operation. Electricity is the driving force behind industry and subsequently economy. There are various types of faults appear in power system. Faults can appear due to bad weather conditions, equipment damage, equipment failure, environment changes and many other(More)
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