S. Thangavel

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In this paper, Performance Index Curve Based Optimization (PICBO) technique is proposed to optimize the parameters of PID controller for Interconnected Power System with the occurrence of 5% step load perturbation in area 1. The performance index considered for minimization is ITAE criterion. Importance of any interconnected power system is to provide a(More)
This paper presents a photovoltaic (PV) array fed three-phase three-wire dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) for voltage regulation in a low voltage (LV) distribution system. Besides the voltage regulation, the proposed DVR reduces the energy consumption from three-phase utility grid by utilizing the rated inverter capability after excessive or equal real power(More)
This paper presents a new power conditioner topology that integrates multiple renewable energy sources to make best use of their operating characteristics and obtain better reliability than that could be obtained by single power source. The proposed power conditioner uses three sources, one storage device and isolated load outputs. The proposed(More)
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