S. Thamarai Selvi

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This paper presents a tumor detection algorithm from mammogram. The proposed system focuses on the solution of two problems. One is how to detect tumors as suspicious regions with a very weak contrast to their background and another is how to extract features which categorize tumors. The tumor detection method follows the scheme of (a) mammogram(More)
Authored by veterans in the subject field, this new textbook on Cloud Computing explores the most critical cloud components and covers all crucial aspects of the subject like Parallel and Distributed Computing, Virtualization, Cloud Computing Architecture, Cloud Platforms in Industry and its Applications. With its student-accessible vocabulary and writing(More)
In order to coordinate multiple resource providers in grid environment to meet a common objective, support for negotiation is needed to establish a contract between the user and the resource providers that clearly states the QoS required, restrictions on resource utilization and penalties during violation of the objective. Strength of the negotiation(More)
This research paper proposes an intelligent classification technique to identify normal and abnormal slices of brain MRI data. The manual interpretation of tumor slices based on visual examination by radiologist/physician may lead to missing diagnosis when a large number of MRIs are analyzed. To avoid the human error, an automated intelligent classification(More)
With this paper, we propose a matchmaking system that performs matchmaking of requested grid services with that of advertised ones to discover the best suitable services. The matchmaking algorithm implemented in our matchmaking system considers functionality of the requested service as critical factor for faster and accurate discovery of services. Unlike(More)
Trust is one of the most important means to improve the reliability of computing resources provided in cloud environment and it plays an important role in commercial cloud environments. Trust is the estimation of capability of a cloud resource in completing a task based on reputation, identity, behavior, and availability in the context of distributed(More)