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We have already proposed a ring type switched-capacitor (SC) converter. This converter consists of capacitors which make a ring connection switches. In this paper, we propose programmable converter of DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC and AC-AC using a ring type SC converter. The SPICE simulations show that the power efficiency is more than 80%. This converter can(More)
In this paper, a charge-pump type AC-DC converter for RF ID tags is proposed. Since the proposed converter employing novel bootstrap circuits can avoid the threshold voltage drop caused by diode-switches, it can achieve an AC-DC conversion at high efficiency. The SPICE simulations showed that the power efficiency of the proposed converter is more than 85%(More)
A switched-capacitor-based battery equalizer using level-shift circuits is proposed in this paper. In conventional equalizers using diode switches, the threshold voltage of diode switches causes a decrease in power efficiency. Unlike conventional equalizers, the proposed equalizer alleviates the threshold-voltage-drop of switches by using level-shift(More)
A switched-capacitor (SC) converter is in the spotlight as a coil less converter that consists of the capacitors and switches. However, it was difficult to output the large-current because the timing which can charge capacitors is short at an AC input. In this paper, we propose a separate type SC converter with an AC input. "Separate type" means an electric(More)
This paper presents a research for Switched-Capacitor (SC) bi-directional DC-AC converter for inductive and capacitive loads. The proposed converter keeps high efficiency even if the phase of the load is changed widely, since the output energy returns to the input. The validity of the proposed converter is confirmed by SPICE simulations. The SPICE(More)
For mobile back-lighting applications, a dual-input white LED (WLED) driver using a bi-direction buck-boost converter is proposed in this paper. The proposed driver has two input terminals: battery input Vin1 and solar-cell input Vin2. Unlike conventional drivers using boost converters, step-up SC DC-DC converters, and so on, the proposed converter drives(More)
A switched-capacitor (SC) converter is in the spotlight as a coilless converter that consists of capacitors and switches. The SC converters have a weak point that the voltage ratio cannot change linearly, because the output voltage is determined by the voltage dividing ratios of the capacitors. In this paper, we propose SC DC-DC converter with fine tune(More)
This paper proposes the model-free controller tuning method for MIMO systems ensuring closed-loop stability by imposing a set of constraints for discretely defined frequency points. This constraints are defined as a set of convex constraints on maximum singular values of a specific transfer function matrix estimated by spectral analysis. For linearly(More)
—For non-thermal food processing systems utilizing an underwater shockwave, a digitally controlled voltage multiplier is proposed in this paper. The proposed voltage multiplier based on Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier (CWVM) has a bipolar structure. Unlike the conventional CWVM, the output voltage of the proposed multiplier is expressed by sum of the(More)
In signal processing circuits of a RDIF tag, the relaxation of restriction concerning operating voltage range enables us to develop various applications. In order to provide higher voltage to the signal processing circuit, two types of step-up AC-DC converters for RFID tags are proposed in this paper: the step-up converter and the step-up converter. To(More)