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SummaryThiocoraline, a new anticancer agent derived from the marine actinomycete Micromonospora marina, was found to induce profound perturbations of the cell cycle. On both LoVo and SW620 human colon cancer cell lines, thiocoraline caused an arrest in G1 phase of the cell cycle and a decrease in the rate of S phase progression towards G2/M phases, as(More)
Undecylprodigiosin (UP) is the first described member of a family of related compounds showing immunosuppressive activity. We have investigated the biological effect and mechanism of action of UP in human lymphocytes. We show that UP blocks the proliferation of purified peripheral human T and B lymphocytes with an IC50 of 3 to 8 ng/ml and following(More)
We tested the ability of synthetic peptides derived from p21(WAF1), fused to the internalization peptide sequence derived from Antennapedia, to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in two human ovarian cancer cell lines expressing wild-type p53 or not. Two fused peptides corresponding to p21(WAF1) regions 17-33 and 63-77 inhibited cell growth in both cell(More)
Flow cytometric cyclin expression/DNA content analysis, now commonly used, provides useful information on the mechanisms regulating cell cycle progression. However, this biparametric analysis does not make a clear-cut distinction between G1 and S-early or between S-late and G2M phase cells. This paper proposes a new three-parameter flow cytometric method(More)
SummaryIsohomohalichondrin B (IHB), a novel marine compound with anti-tumoral activity, extracted from the Lissodendorix sponge, inhibits GTP binding to tubulin, preventing microtubule assembly. Cell cycle perturbations and apoptosis induced by IHB were investigated on selected human cancer cell lines by using flow cytometric and biochemical techniques.(More)
Specific antibodies are essential tools for studying proteins as well as for diagnostic research in biomedicine. The egg yolk of immunized chicken is an inexpensive source of high-quality polyclonal antibodies. The 12-kDa Parietaria judaica 2 allergen was expressed as a fusion protein and was used to immunize Leghorn chickens. In this paper, we show, using(More)
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