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Solid state lighting (SSL) is a new lighting technology based on high brightness light emitting diodes (LED). This technology because of being much more energy efficient, having longer lifetime and design flexibility has attracted the attention of both manufacturers and consumers. This technology looks very promising because of its advantages with respect(More)
This paper presents a new method for breaking down a low-power power electronics device into its constructed parts used for reliability study of the device. The exceptional feature of this new method is to break down the device into two main parts: function elements and packaging elements. This method can help for a much better prioritizing the failures in(More)
This work is introducing a multi-physics reliability simulation approach for solid state lighting (SSL) electronic drivers. The purpose of this simulation is to understand the thermal-electrical behaviour of SSL electronic drivers through their lifetime. Once the behaviour of the device during its lifetime is understood, the real cause of the failure can be(More)
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