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Water can pass through biological membranes via two pathways: simple diffusion through the lipid bilayer, or water-selective facilitated diffusion through aquaporins (AQPs). Although AQPs play an important role in osmotic water permeability (P(f)), the role of AQPs in diffusional water permeability remains unclear because of the difficulty of measuring(More)
To date, it has not been possible to measure microscopic diffusive water movements in epithelia and in the interstitial space of complex tissues and organs. Diffusive water movements are essential for life because they convey physiologically important small molecules, e.g. nutrients and signaling ligands throughout the extracellular space of complex(More)
Consistent cell preparation is a fundamental preliminary step for understanding complex cellular mechanisms in various cell-based research fields, including basic cell biology, cancer research, and tissue engineering. However, certain elusive factors, such as cellular de-differentiation and contamination with mycoplasma or other types of cells, have(More)
This paper describes the flow-control performance in a HIPPI-ATM conversion system defined by ANSI [ 11. The influence of transmission distance and New-Credit sending interval are respectively evaluated by simulation for conversion between an 800-Mbith HIPPI interface and a 622Mbit/s ATM interface. In order to assume an optimum New-Credit sending interval,(More)
The immunostimulation effects of yellowtail heart extracts were examined. Screening various parts of the yellowtail viscera, we found that extracts from the yellowtail heart enhanced IgM production by human hybridoma HB4C5 cells. Yellowtail heart extracts heated at 121°C for 20 min and dialyzed showed the highest IgM production-stimulating activity toward(More)
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