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We established novel SiOC (k=2.4) with higher process damage tolerance. The SiOC was deposited using organo-silane with acetylene bond as a precursor of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). The precursor takes high concentration of carbon in the SiOC and the SiOC has closed pores since deposited without using any porogens, therefore lower(More)
In order to achieve high throughput Cu-CMP compatible with low step heights in 32nm Node copper interconnect technologies and beyond, we believe it is crucial a passivation layer on the Cu surface in the slurry during the CMP process. We show that the formation of a passivation layer which achieves good planarization with high Cu removal rate can be(More)
Blood-compatible segmented polyurethanes and polyurethaneureas were evaluated as drug delivery matrices using crystal violet and benzethonium chloride as model drugs. These polymers were synthesized from ABA-type triblock copolyether as a prepolymer, where A stands for poly(ethylene oxide) and B for poly(tetramethylene oxide). Microphase separation was(More)
According to the 45 nm BEOL technology node, we demonstrated that a homogeneous interlayer dielectric with dielectric constant of 2.25 has a substantial advantage in terms of RC delay reduction compared to other potential architectures such as hybrid and tri-level dielectrics. Combination of the homogeneous interlayer dielectric and ultra-thinned barrier(More)
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