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To characterize the telomerase inhibitor and G-quadruplex stabilizing substance 9-[4-(N,N-dimethylamino)phenylamino]-3,6-bis (3-pyrrolodino-propionamido) acridine × 3HCl (BRACO19) in terms of biopharmaceutical properties such as solubility, protein binding, interaction with membrane lipids, cytotoxicity, and permeability across pulmonary epithelial cells.(More)
Tailorable cationic chitosan/PLGA nanoparticles (CPNP) were used for the delivery of an antisense 2'-O-methyl-RNA (2OMR) directed against RNA template of human telomerase. Here, we describe the influence of the chitosan content on binding efficiency, complex stability, uptake in different human lung cell types and finally demonstrate the efficacy of this(More)
The stability of the acridine-based telomere-targeting agent BRACO19, a G-quadruplex stabilizing substance, was tested at different pH, temperature and in different dissolution media. Analysis was performed by HPLC. Decomposition products were examined by LC/MS and NMR. The TRAP assay was used to determine the inhibitory potential of the decomposition(More)
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