S.T. de Magalhaes

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Software based biometrics, utilising keystroke dynamics has been proposed as a cost effective means of enhancing computer access security. Keystroke dynamics has been successfully employed as a means of identifying legitimate/illegitimate login attempts based on the typing style of the login entry. In this paper, we collected keystroke dynamics data in the(More)
Computer authentication is a critical component of most computer systems -especially those used in e-commerce activities over the Internet. Global access to information makes security, namely the authentication process, a critical design issue in these systems. In what concerns to authentication, what is required is a reliable, hardware independent and(More)
Prostate cancer remains one of the leading causes of cancer death worldwide, with a reported incidence rate of 650,000 cases per annum worldwide. The causal factors of prostate cancer still remain to be determined. In this paper, we investigate a medical dataset containing clinical information on 502 prostate cancer patients using the machine learning(More)
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