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The review summarizes data about interconnection between atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Special attention is paid to their joint developmental factors such as hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. It is shown that hyperinsulinemia may form an independent risk factor. At the same time both factors can lead (during both diabetes mellitus and(More)
Fifteen participants of the Antarctic expedition (men, 27-51 years old) have been investigated after their return from a one-year stay there. All subjects have signs of latent hypoxia. Compensation of hypoxic reactions depended on the initial state of organism oxygen regimen as well as on the features of a genotype. It was supposed that, after a long stay(More)
The role of ketoacidotic conditions in the occurrence of diabetic angiopathies and influence of the latter on the occurrence and development of ketoacidosis in patients with diabetic vascular lesions was studied. Altogether 1152 diabetes mellitus patients were examined. It was established that abrupt fluctuations of glycemia in labile forms of diabetes with(More)
Data are presented concerning the basal levels of parathormone and calcitonin and the effect of dihydropyridine derivatives on the characteristics of haemodynamics as well as pancreatic secretory activity in patients with diabetes mellitus. It is shown that in diabetic patients with hypertension a single administration of the drugs induces vasodilatation(More)
The present study focuses on variants of cardiovascular disturbances in patients with pheochromocytoma, on identification of certain pathogenetic aspects of disturbances of the heart's rhythm, on the study of the impact of surgical treatment on hemodynamic shifts. A retrospective analysis was performed of 100 clinical records of those patients having had(More)