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The review summarizes data about interconnection between atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Special attention is paid to their joint developmental factors such as hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. It is shown that hyperinsulinemia may form an independent risk factor. At the same time both factors can lead (during both diabetes mellitus and(More)
Investigation of the effect of allo- and xenotransplantation of pancreatic tissue cultures on the hemodynamic indices of 85 patients with diabetes mellitus using ophthalmoscopy, biomicroophthalmoscopy, integral rheography, capillaroscopy and clinical biochemical tests at varying time (from 3 mos to 4 yrs.) showed a gradual improvement of the(More)
Administration of nicotinamide (NA) is followed by a pronounced hypoglycemic effect with a simultaneous decrease of glucose content in the lens, sciatic nerve and aorta at manifest streptozotocin-induced diabetes and also by a complete normalization of parameters of the intraperitoneal glucose-tolerance test in rats with a "diabetic" type of glucose(More)
Fifteen participants of the Antarctic expedition (men, 27-51 years old) have been investigated after their return from a one-year stay there. All subjects have signs of latent hypoxia. Compensation of hypoxic reactions depended on the initial state of organism oxygen regimen as well as on the features of a genotype. It was supposed that, after a long stay(More)
The review summarizes recent data about the use of calcium channel blockers for the treatment of cardiovascular complications in patients with diabetes mellitus. It is shown that disturbances of Ca ion homeostasis play an important role in the pathogenesis of such diabetic complications as cardiomyopathy, microangiopathy, hypertension and the use of modern(More)
The effectiveness of laser therapy in trophic skin disorders (ulcer, diabetic bulla, hematoma, skin chap) in patients with diabetes mellitus was studied. The foci of trophic disorders and biologically active points were irradiated by means of heliumneon laser installations. The technique was employed in a hospital and in out-patient treatment in the complex(More)