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An extension of the iterative regression optimization strategy to multi-parameter optimizations is described and applied to the separation of ionic compounds (amino acids and peptides) by means of micellar liquid chromatography. The parameters examined are the concentration of surfactant, the concentration of 2-propanol and pH. Fairly regular (linear,(More)
A novel optical encryption method is proposed in this paper to achieve 3-D image encryption. This proposed encryption algorithm combines the use of computational integral imaging (CII) and linear-complemented maximumlength cellular automata (LC-MLCA) to encrypt a 3D image. In the encryption process, the 2-D elemental image array (EIA) recorded by light rays(More)
in mpmse to the need for the ~ v m m t of low-loss core n-ataials used for high-frequency jwwer t n n s f o m , n i q & w h ~ ~ ~ ~ and magnetic pgwties of Mn-& femte have been investigated with the a d d i f i ~ of GO, .and V G i '@e s m of (Mno.&.&h~(F~)~.cs compx~t~on are prqmxl frm the p o w h synthejd by SI-IS (ScR-mcpgat~on H g h ~ t w e Synthesk) p s(More)
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