S. Suzuki

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This two-group, pretest-posttest, quasi-experimental study compared secondary students' learning of Algebra II materials over a 4-week period when identical instruction by the same teacher was delivered through either embedded blended learning (treatment group; n = 32) or a live-lecture classroom (control group; n = 24). For both groups, instruction was(More)
A tracheocutaneous fistula may develop when a tracheostomy orifice epithelializes during a prolonged course of healing or undernutrition. Various techniques for closing such fistulae have been reported. However, a standard procedure has not yet been established. We, herein, present a case involving a 35-year-old woman who developed a tracheocutaneous(More)
A 3-year-old, 5 kg, male Toy Poodle with a mast cell tumor on the left pelvic limb was referred to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Animal Hospital for an oncologic evaluation. On physical examination, a continuous bruit was auscultated over the left inguinal region with a palpable thrill. Cardiac auscultation identified a grade II/VI systolic(More)
BACKGROUND A strong correlation between left atrial (LA) dysfunction and the severity of cardiac disease has been described in human patients with various cardiac diseases. The role of LA dysfunction in dogs with chronic mitral valvular heart disease (CMVHD) has not been addressed. OBJECTIVES To investigate the correlation between LA function and the(More)
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