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As the threat potential against critical infrastructure increases, more and more flexible, scalable, efficient, reliable and future-proof video surveillance technologies are required. This paper introduces an analytical study of performance parameters for large-scale video surveillance systems. Analog to computer network systems, performance parameters are(More)
This paper presents a highly efficient algorithm for detecting and tracking humans and objects in video surveillance sequences. Mean shift clustering is applied on backgrounddifferenced image sequences. For efficiency, all calculations are performed on integral images. Novel corresponding exponential integral kernels are introduced to allow the application(More)
This paper presents a novel architecture for high security, scalable video surveillance systems. The goal of this architecture concept was the creation of a virtually indestructible video surveillance system with the highest possible performance level, even under worst-case circumstances. First, the security management process used to build up such a system(More)
In this work the convergence of ICT security and physical security is addressed. Starting by analyzing the impact of technology penetration on the global market and subsequently on security. Security spending in the Global IT market is analyzed, focusing on the development of the split out, which revealed the fact that spending is not always in the right(More)
Based on the success of intelligent video surveillance systems, especially in the field of security, scalability and performance, the corresponding architecture and concept is extended to involve different types of sensors in addition to visual sensors. In this work an analytical study of the whole spectrum of sensor technologies and their characteristics(More)
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