S . Sunitha

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Edge detection is one of the important pre-processing steps in image analysis. Edges characterize boundaries and edge detection is one of the most difficult tasks in image processing hence it is a problem of fundamental importance in image processing. Edges in images are areas with strong intensity contrasts and a jump in intensity from one pixel to the(More)
A system for the computer-aided diagnosis of melanoma, provides quantitative and objective evaluation of the skin lesion, as opposed to visual assessment, which is subjective in nature, is comprised of four major components: skin image acquisition, lesion segmentation, feature extraction, and lesion classification. Automatic segmentation of lesions in color(More)
Cobalt doped Zinc Oxide/Carbon nano composite was synthesized by solution combustion method and characterized by X-ray diffractometer, field emission scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy analysis. This composite shows X-ray diffraction pattern that matched with nano particle of ZnO with wurtzite structure and average grain(More)
Data is becoming the world's new natural resource and big data use grows quickly. The trend of computing technology is that everything is merged into the Internet and ‘big data’ are integrated to comprise complete information for collective intelligence. With the increasing size of big data, refining big data themselves to reduce data size(More)
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