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The viability of treating high-concentration antibiotic wastewater by an anaerobic membrane bioreactor was studied using submerged flat sheet membrane. The objective of the study was to determine the effect of organic loading rate and hydraulic retention time on the removal of cephalosporin derivative, viz. cephalexin, and the intermediates(More)
Pulley misalignment limits the performance of V-ribbed belt/pulley system as it relates to rib load-sharing and contact pressure distribution for multiple rib belts required in high torque demands of modern automotive applications. In this paper, a three-dimensional dynamic finite element model is built to evaluate the effects of pulley misalignment. The(More)
In this paper, the use of a biologically inspired spatial phased transducer array for the nondestructive evaluation of homogeneous and heterogeneous structural components is described. Beamforming of phased sensor/actuator arrays is achieved by applying weights and single time delays to the tapped signals in a manner analogous to the orb web spider that(More)
Epoxidized allyl soyate (EAS), a novel soy based epoxy resin, has been prepared by the process of transesterfication and epoxidation of regular food grade soybean oil. Two types of crosslinking agents were employed in this study. The effects of the concentration of EAS and the type of crosslinking agent on the dynamic mechanical behavior of the soy based(More)
The study investigates the viability of biogas generation by integrating the biodegradable waste product of sugar industry viz., pressmud with municipal sewage using biomethanation process. The total solid content of pressmud and sewage mixture was optimized with respect to maximization of biogas yield with continuous monitoring over several operating(More)
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