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Substantial loading of rat liver mitochondrial and microsomal membranes with D-alpha-tocopherol was achieved by dietary supplementation with no adverse effects of this loading being apparent, e.g. on treadmill exercise endurance. The tocopheroxyl radical was readily detected by ESR in the enriched microsomes and mitochondria. Continuous enzymatic oxidation(More)
We demonstrate an average ultraviolet (UV) power generation of 20 W by harmonically converting the output of an all-fiber master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) system. The third-harmonic generation (THG) UV output provides a conversion efficiency of 40% from the amplified fundamental output. The seed source, which consists of a 1064-nm-wavelength(More)
A two-channel microwave reflectometer system with fast microwave antenna switching capability was developed and applied to the GAMMA 10 tandem mirror device to study high-frequency small-amplitude fluctuations in a hot mirror plasma. The fast switching of the antennas is controlled using PIN diode switches, which offers the significant advantage of reducing(More)
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