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A novel image de-noising algorithm is proposed, which utilizes the effective benefits of curvelet and fusion techniques to improve the quality of underwater images. With the help of this algorithm, the de-noised image is obtained by merging two intermediate images of the same. In this framework, the input noise image is simultaneously fed into gaussian(More)
The most significant task of image processing is to reduce noise which is commonly found in images. In recent years, technology is being improved to analyze the images to get better quality. Since the image gets loss of edge feature and detail information during the process of de-noise, this paper attempts to present and compare a new method based on(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of explicit teaching of morphemic analysis on vocabulary development among ESL low proficiency secondary school students. As the research states that morphology knowledge is vital for decoding complex words, an increase in vocabulary learning was predicted. Learners’ morphology knowledge in this study was(More)
Noise in an image varies from the ideal signal and is caused as a result of un modeled processes in the capture of the signals [1]. There are many algorithms for the removal of impulse noise. Conventional methods achieve a high degree of noise but algorithms perform poorly on mixed impulse noise. An adaptive median filter considers the positive and negative(More)
The challenging task of image processing is to reduce noise in image, which helps to improve the image for further process. This paper proposed bilateral filter, the best choice for removing noise as well as preserving edges in cancer cell image. To show the ability of bilateral filter for removing noise, another famous edge preserving filter called(More)
The development of new imaging methods in various fields arise the need of meaningful combination of all available image datasets. Image fusion is the process of integrating complementary information from multiple image sensor data to create a fused image output. The new image generated should contain a more accurate description of the scene than any of the(More)
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