S. Suganya

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BACKGROUND Euphorbia hirta (L.) (Euphorbiaceae) is a very popular herb amongst practitioners of traditional medicine and used in the treatment of female disorders, respiratory ailments, tumors, jaundice, digestive problems, wounds, etc. We aimed to evaluate the protective effect of E. hirta against nitrobenzene-induced nephrotoxicity in albino rats. (More)
  • P Rajipriyadharshini, V Venkatakrishnan, S Suganya, A Masanam
  • 2014
Wireless sensor network is a communication network across the sensors nodes. Sensor nodes collects information about the physical environment. Now-a-days one main issue in wireless adhoc sensor network is wastage of energy at each sensor nodes. Energy is the one most important factor while considering sensor nodes. Wireless sensor networks requires solution(More)
— Biometric-based techniques have emerged for recognizing individuals instead of using passwords, PINs, smart cards, plastic cards, tokens etc for authenticating people. Automated face recognition has become a major field of interest. In this field several facial recognition algorithms have been explored in the past few decades. A face recognition system is(More)
  • S Kodimalar, S R Nevetha, S Suganya, P Manickan, T P Manikan, T G Baskar
  • 2015
Mobile ad hoc network is a self configuring infrastructure-less network of nodes connected through wireless link. Every node in the network can act as host or router to find paths to exchange information. Many routing protocols have been developed to find paths for mobile ad hoc networks. This paper presents the performance analysis of Zone Routing Protocol(More)
Clustering is a data mining (machine learning) technique used to place data elements into related groups without advance knowledge of the group definitions. Data Extraction is the process of retrieving data out of data sources. Establishment of an updated method called a novel data extraction and alignment method called CTVS that combines both tag and value(More)
To ensure the actual presence of a real legitimate trait in contrast to a fake self-manufactured synthetic or reconstructed sample is a significant problem in biometric authentication, which requires the development of new and efficient protection measures. In this paper, we present a novel software-based fake detection method that can be used in multiple(More)