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A new modulation/multiplexing system using wavelet transform was proposed for (Third generation partnership project) 3GPP networks. This new modulation technique makes use of the existing standard (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) OFDM system and replacing the Fourier transform blocks by wavelet transform blocks. There are wide varieties of(More)
Wavelet theory has emerged as a new mathematical tool that can be applied in many fields such as image processing, biomedical engineering, radar, physics, control systems and communication systems. The important area of application of wavelets in communication: multiple accesses. Among the multiple access applications one of the most notable work is wavelet(More)
This paper presents an efficient and reliable Symbiotic Organism Search algorithm for solving Economic Load Dispatch problem. The superiority of Symbiotic Organism Search is demonstrated for 6 bus system including the transmission constraint. It has been observed that Symbiotic Organism Search method gives appreciable results for Security Constrained(More)
The physical, chemical and biological properties of the bioglass reinforced yttria-stabilized composite layer on Ti6Al4V titanium substrates were investigated. The Ti6Al4V substrate was deposited with yttria stabilized zirconia - YSZ as the base layer of thickness ≈4-5 μm, to inhibit metal ion leach out from the substrate and bioglass zirconia reinforced(More)
The increase in the use of mobile phones generates the formation of mobile social networks which can make use of various purposes including education, public health and controlling epidemics. Social networks consist of the basic building blocks called as the communities within which the social interactions are intensive, but between which they are very(More)
In this paper to improve the capacity and coverage of the channel in WCDMA with OFDM, a concatenation of Wideband Code Division Multiple access (WCDMA) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDM) is used as spreading code. Synchronization error which degrades the OFDM system performance is reduced by implementing Synchronization Algorithm which(More)