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This paper presents an efficient and reliable Symbiotic Organism Search algorithm for solving Economic Load Dispatch problem. The superiority of Symbiotic Organism Search is demonstrated for 6 bus system including the transmission constraint. It has been observed that Symbiotic Organism Search method gives appreciable results for Security Constrained(More)
The increase in the use of mobile phones generates the formation of mobile social networks which can make use of various purposes including education, public health and controlling epidemics. Social networks consist of the basic building blocks called as the communities within which the social interactions are intensive, but between which they are very(More)
The notion of fractional derivatives, as is long familiar, has its commencement in an inquiry postured amid a correspondence in the middle of Leibnitz and L’hospital. The five millennium extremely ancient inquiry has turned into a significant zone of exploration. As of late, it has been demonstrated that the differential designs including derivatives of(More)
In this manuscript, we have a tendency to execute Banach contraction fixed point theorem combined with resolvent operator to analyze the exact controllability results for fractional neutral integrodifferential systems (FNIDS) with state-dependent delay (SDD) in Banach spaces. An illustration is additionally offered to exhibit the achieved hypotheses.
This paper presents a circuital approach to design a Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSSs) spatial filter. Spatial filter is used to extract the electromagnetic waves in spaces. A conducting sheet perforated with apertures or an array of periodic metallic patches constitute FSSs and it is usually designed to provide four standard spectral response: low-pass,(More)
Based on concepts for semigroups, fractional calculus, resolvent operator and Banach contraction principle, this manuscript is principally involved with existence results for fractional neutral integro-differential systems with state-dependent delay in Banach spaces. To acquire the main results, our working concepts are that the functions deciding the(More)
The IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) does not require the presence of a central controller or access point. It is therefore, the standard protocol used for resolving medium access contention in mobile ad hoc networks. IEEE 802.11 DCF is based on carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance and Binary Exponential Back off(More)
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