S Sudkamp

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We investigated anatomical and physiological properties of the projection from the pretectal nuclear complex (PNC) to the ipsilateral lateral posterior-pulvinar complex in the cat. After Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin injections into the PNC, the majority (70%) of anterogradely labeled terminals was localized in the pulvinar proper, the remaining 30%(More)
Pretectal neurons projecting to the lateral posterior-pulvinar complex (LP-P) in cats were electrophysiologically identified by their antidromic activation from the LP-P. Their responses to various visual stimuli and to electrical stimulation of the optic chiasm and the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) were characterized. In retrograde double-labelling(More)
We studied responses of pulvinar neurons in awake cats that were allowed to execute spontaneous eye movements. Extracellular cell activity during saccades, saccade-like image shifts, and various stationary visual stimuli was recorded together with the animals' eye positions. All neurons analyzed had receptive fields that covered most of the central 80x80(More)
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