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Vitamin C has antioxidant property. It is the component of plasma and extracellular fluids and so can control lipid peroxidation of cellular membranes, thus maintaining the redox integrity of cells. Vitamin C along with Zinc enhances the immunity of the body. It has therapeutic potential against neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s disease. It has(More)
Microarray based Cancer Pattern Classifications is almost become ubiquitous in Bioinformatics Research and hence more researchers have been focusing on Bioinformatics. At the same time, it was noticed that for studying the expression levels through the Gene Expression profiling experiments, thousands of Genes need to simultaneously study, which will help to(More)
Understanding and predicting Human Genome Patterns are one of the challenging issues regarding human health. To achieve this, a large amount of Genome Data Sets need to analysis and predict the diseases patterns with highest Classification Accuracy. It is noted that a single Gene is not responsible for many Human Diseases and instead, diseases occur by(More)
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