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BACKGROUND Within the CINDI framework, a European "Quit and Win" contest was organized in 1994. In Finland the number of participants was 5,879 (0.6% of smokers). In the CINDI demonstration area, North Karelia (NK), the participants numbered 618 (2.0% of smokers). This study compared abstinence maintenance among the participants in NK with the rates found(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effectiveness of interventions to prevent falls designed through hazard analysis using root cause analysis. DESIGN Prospective longitudinal study. Under preceding root cause analysis, root factors were classified into four major categories: environment and facilities, procedure, individual, and communication. Among them,(More)
To provide baseline data for a state program to coordinate hypertension resources, a blood pressure (BP) survey was undertaken in Maryland in 1978. A statewide probability sample of households was chosen; each adult member was eligible for interview and measurement of BP. A total of 6,425 adults were interviewed for an overall response rate of 79.5%. Using(More)
OBJECTIVES This case-control study aimed to investigate the predictors of return to work (RTW) following work-related major forearm, wrist or hand injury at the preparation stage of return to work. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 80 clients were recruited and divided into 2 groups depending on their readiness of RTW. The groups were compared with each(More)
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