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Immunocompetence, as determined by skin reactivity to five microbial antigens, dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB), and percent and absolute number of total T and B rosette-forming cells (RFC), was assessed before and up to 180 days after radiotherapy in 29 patients with carcinoma of the lung. Pretherapy evaluation showed a depressed response to microbial antigens(More)
Viable cell suspensions were prepared from 31 nodes diagnosed non-Hodgkin's malignant lymphoma, and from 30 non-malignant nodes. The cells were examined and counted by phase contrast microscopy. The suspensions were characterized by the percentage of large cells and by a colchicine-sensitivity index. The finding of more than 6% large cells or the finding of(More)
The records of 471 patients with carcinoma of the tonsillar region seen at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Hines, Illinois, have been reviewed to determine the incidence and location of distant metastases. All patients were male and with histologically proved diagnosis. Seventy-two patients (15%) of 471 and 33(29%) of 115 patients who underwent(More)
Electricity suppliers face two sources of risk: uncertainty of spot prices and uncertainty of production costs. Uncertainty in selling the output is usually ‘‘solved” by signing forwards and the two sources of risk are dealt with separately. However, managing the integrated risk optimally is the direction we will suggest. We intend to analyse the problem a(More)
A modified procedure is described for the detection of a sub-population of peripheral blood T-cells in normal human adults. This sub-population of T-cells has been called the active rosette forming cell by others. The advantages of this modified procedure compared with that previously described are: 1) the elimination of 60 mon incubation period for(More)