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This investigation examines the relationship between patterns of daydream activity and nocturnal dreams. When persons of differing but relatively pure daydream styles are compared as to nocturnal dream characteristics, the stylistic consistencies observed in waking fantasy appear also in dream productions, particularly affective polarity and bizarreness.(More)
A random sample of 300 psychologists listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology were surveyed about the soundness of forms of mental health treatment and use of these treatments in practice. The 139 psychologists responding expressed greatest confidence in cognitive-behavioral therapy and antipsychotic medications. Approaches(More)
EEG investigations into the psychophysiology of waking fantasy have yielded interesting but inconclusive results. The most promising lines of research are reviewed with particular reference to the methodological complexities involved. Studies of alpha blocking, alpha states, theta states, and cerebral asymmetries are described. Comparisons are drawn between(More)
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