S. Sreedhar

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Openly available communication signals, in wireless adhoc network poses high security risk. The adhoc networks are very much vulnerable to Dos attacks on the network layer. Blackhole and Grayhole attacks are the widespread attacks on adhoc networks. Here the malicious nodes interrupt data transmission in the network by transmitting false routing(More)
Publish subscribe communication paradigm has been recognized as the most promising communication paradigms for information dissemination in large scale distributed environment. It has been used in a variety of applications ranging from personalized information dissemination to a wide range of group communications. So publish subscribe system needs to(More)
Intermittently connected mobile Network systems represent a challenging environment for networking research, due to the problems of ensuring messages delivery in spite of frequent disconnections and random meeting patterns. These networks fall into general category of Delay Tolerant Networks. There are many real networks that follow this model, for example,(More)
In order to share a secret information among a group of participants, the method of secret sharing is used. The secret sharing method that is used to share or encrypt images is called Visual Cryptography. The main problems that subsist in Visual Cryptography are pixel expansion and poor image quality. Research are being conducted to solve the above(More)
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