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In Amsterdam a longitudinal, prospective and multidisciplinary study on the development of infants of drug-dependent mothers (IDDM) was started in 1983: 35 IDDM and 35 reference infants were originally enrolled. The drug-dependent women had used combinations of methadone, heroin, cocaine and other drugs during pregnancy. Of the IDDM, 80% had to be treated(More)
  • S Soepatmi
  • Acta paediatrica (Oslo, Norway : 1992…
  • 1994
Developmental outcomes of infants of drug-dependent mothers (IDDM) who used heroin during preganncy, alone or in combination with methadone, were unfavorable compared with outcomes of infants of mothers who were not drug dependent or infants in the general population. Unfavorable items for IDDM were: gestational age and birth weight, physical growth,(More)
Neurobehavioural development of 35 infants of drug dependent mothers was compared with the development of 37 reference infants as part of a prospective longitudinal research project. Infants of drug dependent mothers had more poor responses than the other children on neurological examination. This difference is significant only when data of infants of drug(More)
Presented are the results over a 4-year period of the conservative management of cases of premature rupture of the membranes. Perinatal mortality in infants delivered more than 24 hours after rupture of the membranes is not higher than that in infants delivered within 24 hours of rupture of the membranes, if these results are based on pregnancies of(More)