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Dominance models are parameterized under conditions of inbreeding. The properties of an infinitesimal dominance model are reconsidered. It is shown that mixedmodel methodology is justifiable as normality assumptions can be met. Tabular methods for calculating genotypic covariances among inbred relatives are described. These methods employ 5 parameters(More)
In two experiments we investigated the extent to which individuals with dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT) manage the activation of contextually appropriate and inappropriate meanings of ambiguous words during sentence comprehension. DAT individuals and healthy older individuals read sentences that ended in ambiguous words and then determined if a test(More)
Restricted maximum likelihood estimation using first and second derivatives of the likelihood is described. It relies on the calculation of derivatives without the need for large matrix inversion using an automatic differentiation procedure. In essence, this is an extension of the Cholesky factorisation of a matrix. A reparameterisation is used to transform(More)
Yugoslav agrammatic Broca's aphasics, fluent anomics, and control subjects were tested for comprehension of agent-object relations in a series of simple Serbo-Croatian sentences in the conversational past tense, consisting of two nouns and a transitive action verb. The availability of two closed class cues--case contrasts and gender contrasts--as well as(More)
The impact on selection response of the positive assortative mating of selected parents was determined for a 2 generation cycle. Relative efficiency refers to the incremental response in the second generation and is defined as the per cent increase in selection response due to mating individuals assortatively instead of randomly. As determined by relative(More)
In order to assess the hypotheses that Alzheimer's disease (AD) results in a property level restructuring, loss, or degradation of lexical-semantic knowledge, Alzheimer's patients and normal elderly subjects were presented with a property verification task in which they were asked to judge the truth value of telegraphic statements which paired objects with(More)
Merit is defined to be a non-linear function of an animal’s phenotype for various traits. A Bayesian type selection rule to increase merit in hypothetical populations is proposed. The rule is based on the conditional expectation of total merit in the population given data. This rule has similarities to selection index theory. An animal’s phenotype for any(More)
Although the capacity of modern computers is increasing dramatically so too are the complexity of models that animal breeders employ, with the result that we still find computers limiting. This paper demonstrates the employment of linked lists for sparse matrix manipulations and their use in a number of relevant applications. animal breeding prediction of(More)
A decision rule is said to be rational if it is consistent with maximising expected utility. Rational decision rules can correctly accommodate objective and subjective criteria. It is shown that portfolio theory, as applied to sire selection problems, is rational. However, the underlying utility function must be linear or exponential and normality(More)
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