S. Sivaranjani

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We report the synthesis of high quality ZnO doped TiO2 nanocrystals by chemical method at room temperature (RT), it can cause serious oxidative stress and DNA damage to human lung epithelial cells (A549) lines. Our aim in this study, to reduce the cytotoxicity effect of ZnO doped TiO2 nanocrystals are widely in biological fields. Several studies have been(More)
Crime detection is the vital and emerging research field in the real world environment which aims to prevent the number of crimes happening in the world. The nature of crime differs in different places based on location, age, religion, habitual characteristics and so on. Mitigating the serial crimes which are identical to each other is the most important(More)
Fingerprint and Footprint verification is an important biometric technique for authentication. In this paper, implementation of feature extraction of fingerprint and footprint in Raspberry pi has been discussed. The raspberry Pi is ARM1176JZFS application processor. It enhances performance, consumes less power, and reduces overall system cost and size. The(More)
Leveraging community imparted data for personalized recommendation is one of the active research problems since there are rich contexts and human activities in such explosively growing data. We focus on personalized travel recommendation and show promising applications. We conduct personalized travel recommendation by considering specific user profiles or(More)
Today networks are protected by many firewalls and encryption software's. But many of them protection mechanisms are not sufficient and effective. Therefore an intrusion detection system (IDS) is required to monitor the network that detects misbehavior or anomalies and intimate other nodes in the network to avoid the misbehaving nodes. Various schemes are(More)
Big data is a term with large or complex dataset where traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Usage of social networks has been increasing which leads the path for users to have multiple accounts for sharing their thoughts. On the other hand, Fakers pretend like an authorized users and cause discomfort to the users during the brainstorming(More)
In this paper, a new seven level reduced switch count inverter is introduced for BLDC Motor. In conventional H-bridge multilevel inverter to produce a seven level twelve number of switches are used. Due to involvement of high number of switches thereby the harmonics, switching losses, cost and the total harmonics distortion is increased. This proposed(More)
This concept represents an AC-to-AC conversion for voltage and current control scheme with instantaneous reactive power minimization also reduce the harmonics for high power applications in a distorted AC power supply. The strategy uses the commutation state of the converter in the subsequent sampling time according to an optimization algorithm given by a(More)
The mobile WiMAX plays a vital role in accessing the delay sensitive audio, video streaming and mobile IPTV. To minimize the handover delay, a Location Management Area (LMA) based Multicast and Broadcast Service (MBS) zone is established. The handover delay is increased based on the size of the MBS zone. In this paper, Location Management Area is easily(More)