S. Sirianunpiboon

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The generalized coherence (GC) estimate is a well studied statistic for detection of a common but unknown signal on several noisy channels. In this paper, it is shown that the GC detector arises naturally from a Bayesian perspective. Specifically, it is derived as a test of the hypothesis that the signals in the channels are independent Gaussian processes(More)
Perfect space-time block codes (STBCs) were first introduced by Oggier et al. to have full rate, full diversity and non-vanishing determinant. A maximum likelihood decoder based on the sphere decoder has been used for efficient decoding of perfect STBCs. However the worst-case complexity for the sphere decoder is an exhaustive search. In this paper we(More)
Two robust and recursive techniques for estimating the pulse repetition interval (PRI) of a periodic radar pulse train are compared and discussed. The rst technique employs a lter approach using mixture distribution methods designed to speciically deal with, and indeed work with, missing pulses. The second technique uses a single processing neuron with(More)