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Negotiation is an information exchange process as well as an offer exchange process. Theories of competitive negotiation are typically founded on game theory where the agent's utility function is the focus. If an agent is uncertain of the integrity of its information then it may not know its utility with certainty. Here what an agent knows and how certain(More)
The process management spectrum extends from conventional workflow processes to emergent processes. Three categories of process are identified. Activity-driven processes that are managed by a single reactive agent architecture. Goal-driven processes that are managed by a multiagent system of deliberative agents. Knowledge-driven processes that are managed(More)
In this paper, a model is proposed which combines multiple local linear models with a novel modified probabilistic neural network (MPNN). The proposed model is shown to provide improved regularization with reduced computation utilizing semiparametric model approach and efficient vector quantization of data space. In this paper, the proposed model is shown(More)
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