S. Shiyamala

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This paper proposes a novel area-efficient folded modified convolutional interleaving (FMCI) architecture for MAP decoder. The end to end delay of proposed FMCI requires only 2M. In addition, the number of latches can reduce to M-2. Hence the proposed FMCI architecture has lesser end to end delay and minimizes the number of latches usage as compare with(More)
A study was conducted to investigate the induced and non-induced response of sugarcane variety Co 86032 by heat acclimation both under in vivo and in vitro conditions. For in vivo condition, 30 days old sugarcane settlings (Co 86032) were subjected to optimum induction temperature (40 °C with 10 h time) followed by critical temperature condition of 48 °C(More)
A study was conducted to determine the kinetics of metabolism of sugarcane in vivo under heat stress. 30-days-old sugarcane settlings (Co 86032) were subjected to critical temperature (40 °C) for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 h. The metabolic changes in terms of total phenolics, total sugars, proline, glycinebetaine and reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging(More)
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