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In recent times, wireless network is extensively accessed technology to connect remote user terminal with its primary network. QoS is the vital parameter that can be treated wisely when data is transferred between terminal users and network administrators. In WiMax, QoS is determined accurately at MAC layer but bandwidth allocation scheduling algorithm(More)
Buffer allocation in WiMAX maximizes the throughput of system and minimizes the power consumption. Hence, an adaptive buffer allocation strategy is required to increase the goodput of the system. In this paper, we propose an adaptive buffer allocation technique based on traffic classes in WiMAX networks. Initially buffer is allocated to the flow requests(More)
Capturing of high resolution hyperspectral images is one of the most expensive tasks in imaging industry. The main problem of low resolution hyperspectral data is the classification of pixels where more than one land cover type lie in one pixel, called a mixed pixel. To resolve this issue, methods composed of hard and soft classification techniques have(More)
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