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Astrodynamical Space Test of Relativity using Optical Devices I (ASTROD I) mainly aims at testing relativistic gravity and measuring the solar-system parameters with high precision, by carrying out laser ranging between a spacecraft in a solar orbit and ground stations. In order to achieve these goals, the acceleration disturbance has to be less than 10(More)
We propose a new method of searching for the composition-dependent dilatonic waves, predicted by unified theories of strings. In this method, Earth’s surface-gravity changes due to translational motions of its inner core, excited by dilatonic waves, are searched for by using superconducting gravimeters. This method has its best sensitivity at the frequency(More)
We point out that the universality of free-fall can be tested by observing surface-gravity changes of the Earth. The Earth’s inner core is weakly coupled to the rest part of the Earth by mainly gravitational forces. If there were a violation of the universality of free-fall, because of their different chemical compositions and/or of different mass fractions(More)
In this paper, we examine the anxiety at utilizing wheelchair. When the human use wheelchairs, from the influence of environment, the human feel a sense of unease. In particular, when the human go down slopes using wheelchair, the human feel anxiety if the angle of slope is greater than thresholds, which is different depending on the person. If thresholds(More)
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