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We investigated how to estimate the shape of a target object. For this problem, we propose pair-line composite sensor nodes consisting of multiple sensors on a pair of line segments, where each sensor generates binary information whether it detects the target object or not. We show that the proposed pair-line composite sensor nodes, which are randomly(More)
We propose a simple framework for analyzing feedforward queueing networks that have the following features: each customer belongs to a (customer) flow and the route that a customer follows in the network depends on the flow to which he belongs. The amount of traffic fed by a customer flow into the network is bounded by a deterministic subadditive function,(More)
Inhibitors of microtubule (MT) assembly or dynamics that target α/β-tubulin are widely exploited in cancer therapy and biological research. However, specific inhibitors of the MT nucleator γ-tubulin that would allow testing temporal functions of γ-tubulin during the cell cycle are yet to be identified. By evolving β-tubulin-binding drugs we now find that(More)
We have discovered O6-benzyl glaziovianin A, which showed stronger inhibition of microtubule polymerization (IC50=2.1μM) than known α,β-tubulin inhibitors, such as colchicine and glaziovianin A. Also, we performed competition binding experiments of O6-benzyl glaziovianin A and revealed that O6-benzyl glaziovianin A binds to the colchicine binding site with(More)
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