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Protection of multimedia content has recently become an important issue because of the transition from analog to digital technologies. Unlike the encryption which codes the information into unreadable form steganography and data hiding allow readability of the information along with digital stamps embedded into it preserving the ownership of it. In this(More)
Now a days, a significant part of commercial and governmental organisations like museums, cultural organizations, libraries, commercial enterprises, etc. invest intensively in new technologies for image digitization, digital libraries, image archiving and retrieval. Hence image authorization, authentication and security has become prime need. In this paper,(More)
Now a day, multimedia security is an incredibly significant area of concern. The large diffusion of multimedia products distributed both through CD-ROMs (off-line) and through Internet (on-line) is raising many problems among the authors regarding preservation of their rights. It is very important to have ways and means to detect copyright violations and(More)
In this paper, we present a semi-fragile watermarking scheme for color image authentication and security. The method converts the host image into YIQ color space followed by application of orthogonal dual domains of DCT and DWT transforms. The DCT helps to separate relevant from irrelevant image content to generate silent image features. DWT has excellent(More)
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