S. Shankar Sastry

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Motivated by navigation and tracking applications within sensor networks, we consider the problem of performing Kalman filtering with intermittent observations. When data travel along unreliable communication channels in a large, wireless, multi-hop sensor network, the effect of communication delays and loss of information in the control loop cannot be(More)
This paper presents an algebro-geometric solution to the problem of segmenting an unknown number of subspaces of unknown and varying dimensions from sample data points. We represent the subspaces with a set of homogeneous polynomials whose degree is the number of subspaces and whose derivatives at a data point give normal vectors to the subspace passing(More)
| This paper considers control and estimation problems where the sensor signals and the actuator signals are transmitted to various subsystems over a network. In contrast to traditional control and estimation problems, here the observation and control packets may be lost or delayed. The unreliability of the underlying communication network is modeled(More)
In this paper, we cast natural-image segmentation as a problem of clustering texture features as multivariate mixed data. We model the distribution of the texture features using a mixture of Gaussian distributions. Unlike most existing clustering methods, we allow the mixture components to be degenerate or nearly-degenerate. We contend that this assumption(More)
Hybrid automata provide a language for modeling and analyzing digital and analogue computations in real-time systems. Hybrid automata are studied here from a dynamical systems perspective. Necessary and sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of solutions are derived and a class of hybrid automata whose solutions depend continuously on the(More)
-There has been a great deal of excitement recently over the development of a theory for explicitly linearizing the input-output response of a nonlinear system using state feedback. One shortcoming of this theory is the inability to deal with non-minimum phase nonlinear systems. Highly maneuverable jet aircraft, such as the V/STOL Harrier, belong to an(More)
Abstrucr -This paper develops a calculus for computing Filippov’s differential inclusion which simplifies the analysis of dynamical systems described by differential equations with a discontinuous right-hand side. In particular, when a slightly generalized Lyapunov theory is used, the rigorous stability analysis of variable structure systems is routine. As(More)
Air Traffic Management (ATM) of the future allows for the possibility of free flight, in which aircraft choose their own optimal routes, altitudes, and velocities. The safe resolution of trajectory conflicts between aircraft is necessary to the success of such a distributed control system. In this paper, we present a method to synthesize provably safe(More)
In this paper, output tracking control of a helicopter model is investigated. The model is derived from Newton-Euler equations by assuming that the helicopter body is rigid. First, we show that for several choices of output variables exact input-output linearization fails to linearize the whole state space and results in having unstable zero dynamics. By(More)